June 12, 2008


Hello and welcome to our blog...
We are beginning an exiting new period in our beloved association and we would like to invite you to express your opinions and suggestions.
This blog was created to keep you up to date with our meetings and to show you photos of what took place in our educational programs.
This is not intended to replace the newsletter which you will still receive. It is simply to reinforce the information and exchange thoughts.
As you may be aware, during our meeting there are a few moments that are recorded such as awards, recognitions, new members and vendors. We believe that the best way to keep you informed in the event that you missed the meeting is to visit our blog.
Feel free to write comments and suggestions.
We hope to hear from you and we will keep you posted with what's new.
On behalf of the new officers we wish you a successful year!!!!


jimlasala said...

Thanks for putting this together. You may want to put together a few words on how a member can use the blog in case they do not know.

Jim LaSala

jimlasala said...

Great job Mario. Thanks for taking the time to get the message across.

Jim LaSala