February 12, 2009


The judges will be Michael and Loretta Janis, and Tony Maddaloni.

Michael and Loretta Janis have been in the photography business for forty years. Their first studio was in Honolulu and specialized inadvertising photography. Thirty years ago they settled in northern NewJersey and pursued a career in portrait photography.Over the years, they have been honored with numerous Court of Honors in NJ and NY, as well as four Kodak Gallery Awards, three Fassebender Cups, andthe Mallas Award.After a fifteen year sabbatical from print competition, Loretta wondered whether she still had "what it takes" to compete, and submitted prints intolast year's PPANJ print competition. A Fujifilm Masterpiece Award, an awardfor "Portrait of the Year", as well as a Judges Choice Ribbon left her withlittle doubt that her work is still current, and still worthy.

Anthony Patrick Maddaloni
Master Photographer, Fellow – American Society of Photographers
Anthony P. Maddaloni, Master Photographer, Fellow – American Society of Photographers, was born and raised in New Jersey. A graduate of Quinnipiac College in Hamden, Connecticut, he began photographing and working in the darkroom during his fifteen-year employment as an engineer for a major chemical company. In 1981 Anthony opened up his photography studio, Sunset Photographer, in Nutley, New Jersey, specializing in portraits, weddings and environmental photography. Mr. Maddaloni earned his Master’s Degree in 1993 and a Craftsman Degree in 1995 from the Professional Photographers of America. In 2001 he received his coveted Fellowship from the American Society of Photographers. In the past sixteen years Maddaloni’s images have won countless awards including numerous Loan Collection prints, with seven images selected into the American Society of Photographers Master Traveling Loan collection.
His work has been displayed at Epcot Center in Florida four times. He has won three Kodak Gallery Awards and an Arthritis Foundation Award as well as many state and regional awards including the Fassbender Award from the Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey in 1990 and 1996. This award is given to the photographer who has submitted the photograph judged as Best in Show at the association’s annual convention. Also, five of his prints have been selected for the PPANJ’s Mallas Award, which is presented for the Best Pictorial submitted in their annual competition. In 2001 he was bestowed the title of New Jersey Professional Photographer of the Year by the PPANJ. In 2002 Fuji Photo Film, USA honored Anthony for his Photographic Excellence with the ASP Regional Medallion Award.

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