September 16, 2009

...and the winners of the shootout contest are:

First Place by Pat Auriemma

Last night at the monthly PPANJ North
Region meeting, winners from August's Jersey City/Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty shootout were announced. Selections were made by the Unique staff. And what great prizes--from a sample library-style photo album to beautiful picture frames to gift certificates! Congratulations everyone (in placement order). Pat Auriemma, Jill Nanfeldt, Nancy Katz, Mario Cornejo, David Fishbein, Michelle Schaller and David Derex.

Winning Images Shown: "Staircase" by Pat Auriemma, "Luggage" by Jill Nanfeldt, "Bangles" by Nancy Katz, "Soldier" by Michelle Schaller and "Miss Liberty" by David Fishbein.

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