October 5, 2009

Photography in NYC...Robert Frank

If you have time, definitely see photographer Robert Frank's exhibit on his timeless book, The Americans, first published in the US 50 years ago in 1959. All 83 photographs from the book are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until the end of December. Interesting the way the images are mixed with displays of the book itself, correspondence with colleagues such as Jack Kerouac who wrote the introduction and contact sheets displaying Mr. Frank's rather messy (my word) organizational style. He might like Lightroom!!

The editing process is pretty fascinating and although some of the images look "dated" remember at the time they were totally new and perhaps even shocking.

The first image in the book and in the show was taken in Hoboken New Jersey--windows with a flag. Many other "local" images of interest along with others from the south, southwest and midwest that Mr. Frank shot on his cross country road trips.

He was an outsider using the camera to look inside America-its politics, religions, social mores customs and more.


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