November 18, 2009

Insight into Print Competition from Steve Yahr..

Steve revealed to an intrigued crowd at tonight's meeting that he waited 7 years before entering a print competition. He won a blue ribbon his first time out in 2000 and hasn't stopped since! He describes entering print competition as a learning process, a time to share one's work and an opportunity to get feedback from colleagues even before entering. You have to understand the categories and how the judges judge in order to know where to enter a print. For example, the "portrait" of the bride was entered in the Social category rather than Portraits and did well-"Portraits are judged much more closely" he explained. An image has to "Wow" you and the judges every time you look at it--"You should not get tired of the image no matter how many times you look at it", says Steve. The portrait of the elderly couple is good, but there's nothing to wow the judges with. We learned from our state president Martin Comiskey, who made the four hour round-trip drive to attend the meeting, that the new rules for competition--all electronic!!!--will be out in the next few days. No prints will enable many more people to enter. We're in a new world!! Do you miss film and slides??--tonight I did as Steve talked about his long nights in the darkroom.

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