May 11, 2010

State-Wide with David Derex on Lighting Revealing...

Today's well-attended workshop with David Derex at Unique University on Glamour Photography and Lighting provided attendees a full day of close up observation of a seasoned photographer in action. Derex reviewed many of the basics and challenged attendees to think out of the box along with him as he made the most of lighting, backgrounds, and the models. His primary goal was to "teach almost nothing". He went on to explain that just the tiniest difference in a model's expression, placement of a hand or arm, adjustment of camera angle or position of lighting can make a huge difference in the photo outcome. Changing "almost nothing" can turn an ordinary image into an artistic photograph. These photos (taken by Nancy Katz) tell the story of the day. Jim Roselli, a master of Lightroom, managed the images as they appeared real time on the screen.

slight adjustments model expression tiny diffeerences make the hugest diffeerence

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