June 19, 2010

Broadway on a Week Night...

Why not treat yourself to a week night at the theater. Several good discount clubs, including TheaterMania and TDF. TDF tickets can be as low as $29.95! Through TheaterMania--if your timing is right--you can get "free" Broadway tickets (about 12 times/year).

MODOTTI is the story of a young European woman, Tina Modotti, who falls in love with an American photographer, Edward Weston. The two run off to Mexico together to join the cultural revolution. In Mexico, artists and revolutionaries are joining forces to develop new ideas; morality is changing; radical beliefs are taking hold; politics and art are twins in faith. Taking on the mantle of another country's politics and issues is a young person's adventure, one that is bound to have dire consequences.

Photos by Edward Weston

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PPANJ-NorthRegion said...

If you can get a comp ticket like I did or a TDF voucher, then go. The photo montages alone are worth it. However, not a great production. some good acting and interesting story about Tina Modotti.