August 2, 2010

Where to Process film???

Need to process film, including infrared and slides (not Kodachrome) in NJ??? I actually needed to make a digital image from a 4x5 (10 year old) copy neg, and the only place I found in NJ who could do that is TechPhoto & Imaging in Fairfield right near Unique.

That's when I learned that TechPhoto processes all films (up to 11 x14 sheets)---and of course prints them as well on canvas, acrylic, whatever.

In this whole process I learned that as of April 2010 Miller's no longer prints directly from film.

Such a changing world!!

PS. John from TechPhoto told me that one of his customers was recently stopped/searched at the airport when security guards found rolls of 35 mm Ektachrome and didn't know that it was film!!!! They'd never seen rolls of film before!!

What do you think about all this change??

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