October 12, 2010

Rick Ferro Shares Ideas on Lighting, Image making, Workflow and more...

Rick shared many ideas over the course of the day. He definitely stressed only shooting 2/3's (one ear showing and 1/4 inch of face on non-ear side) and profiles with all clients but especially at weddings to add drama and to create images that are pleasing to the eye (and pocketbook!!).

He uses "spider lights", a light meter on his belt, a sense of humor and years of experience to capture and please his clients.

Rick talked a lot about the importance of hands, their placement, romance and open finger position. He has no hesitation in shaking out a client's wrist to loosen them up, then gently position their hand and fingers.

Deliberately overexposing images is a technique he uses a lot with seniors--the results are more than cool.

Rick created the Disney wedding program and still shoots there regularly. For more on Rick, including instructions on overexposure, see http://www.rickferro.com/index.html

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