December 5, 2010

Boot Camp Comments--WOW!

Held at the beautiful Solar DoMinho Restaurant in Roselle Park on Monday, Nov. 15th. The turnout was large and the day was filled with education from start to finish.
Thank you to our Speakers
John Davydov - Internet Marketing and Promotions
Mario Cornejo* - Priceless tools to increase your profits.
Make your wedding day easier & generate more sales.
Michael Travisano* - Shoot-Out Techniques from A to Z
Jim Roselli* - Light Room
Jim LaSala* - Photoshop
Thank you to our Vendors
*PPANJ Members
crowd pleaser
We asked our attendees to give us some feedback on their day. Here are some comments:
"As a non-member, was very impressed with Mario & John's presentation. Wonderful marketing materials which brought some light to my brain."
"Step by step How To's from business, to shooting made simple were great"
"Mario's presentation was very useful. Mario comes across as very genuine and I'm sure it adds to his success."
"1) I liked having a good mix of PPANJ & "prospective" PPANJ members. 2) Lightroom - Jim Roselli - clearest explanation I've had about this product!"
"I like the idea of going from beginning to end producing wedding photos. The photo shoot could have been cut shorter to allow time for album layout."
"I see the value of PPANJ & enjoyed talking @ lunch with other members."
"Combo of shooting w/image management worked well."
"Loved being outdoors"
"Mario, Mike, Jim R & Jim S, so talented!"

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