April 13, 2011

Great Day with Michael Barton on Child Photography

Creating art with a backdrop, softbox, an 85 mm/1.2 lens and an artist's eye, was what Michael Barton shared with the attendees at Monday's Statewide PPANJ workshop at Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township. This was the first statewide event of the year free to members!! What a deal!!

Barton combined lecture, hands on shooting , music theory,
role playing and electronic images to wow the members with the
wonderful images he created during the afternoon's session. His two fantastic models, 2 and 4 years old, (granddaughters of former NJ president Martin Comiskey and his wife) were just ideal.

Opposite in nature they helped demonstrate the mastery of the camera/lighting as well as entertainment and political skills required to be effective as a children's photographer.

Animoto video in next post.

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