March 22, 2012

Convention Begins Saturday!!!

Convention starts Saturday!

No reason to wait - Do It NOW - Register - come see your old friends and meet new ones.


Be there or miss out.

The Awards Presentation & Image Presentation is worth the price of admission then add 23 Speakers. Education, Education, Education that is what makes you great at what you do. See the latest techniques and the latest equipment.

  • Bring in your old equipment for sale and upgrade while your there.
  • Trade Show Shootout
  • Trade Show Speakers
  • 4 Days of Speakers
  • Early Birds
  • Workshops
  • 2 Days of Trade Shows
  • 3 Parties - Theme - the Academy Awards
  • 2 Dinners (includes State Awards)
  • Last but not least - Don't forget to bring your Camera!

Register today! Click hereto Register. Click here to view the schedule of Speakers & Events.

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