June 23, 2009

Helen Yancey Paints with Painter..

Helen Yancey's presentation on painting and photography was a big hit with all the attendees at the statewide event on June 22nd at the Forsgate. She demonstrated the process of using Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter 11 in unison to create either water color or oil "paintings" from photographs. What a valuable offering to clients and what a great asset to your business! Do you have to be a portrait or landscape artist to produce these images?  No...but I would say it certainly would be a tremendous advantage.  Ms. Yancey uses Burell (http://www.burrellcolourimaging.com) to produce her prints, which she sells--only framed-- for as much as $11,000. By the way, Burrell's web site is a very interesting site to visit and study.

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