June 3, 2009

Getting Started with a Planning Meeting...

On June 1st, the new officers gathered at the studio of President David Derex in Rochelle Park to plan the year's meeting schedule. We brainstormed on what we can do to benefit our members and our organization. 

We are looking forward to serving you and helping the PPANJ North Chapter grow and have its best year yet! We encourage the participation of all of  our members in helping us make this a year of learning and building new relationships.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions to help improve the meetings, the speakers, membership and attendance. 

What's on your mind?? Drop us a note via the blog comments area.

PS. This is Mario's  last post for the blog. He says, " It has been a privilege to start this blog and share some ideas and inform our members what's new. I hope in the future all of our members can benefit from this informative media."

Nancy Katz, our 3rd VP, is now in charged of the blog administration.
Photos by Nancy Katz

Mario Cornejho 1st VP

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