July 16, 2009

Marketing Ideas Stimulate Business...

Tonight's meeting speakers- Allan Reider (Allan Reider Studio) www.allanreiderstudio.com, Jan Press (Jan Press Studio) www.janpress.com/aboutus.html and Greg Riccardi (Multivision) www.mvcommunications.com gave members plenty of food for thought regarding timely marketing ideas. Mr. Reider discussed his innovative electronic brochure for event venues, Mr. Press shared his tried and true approach to outstanding customer service and Mr. Riccardi shared his company's proven concept for generating viable, strong leads through cooperative promotions in various retail establishments from supermarkets to jewelers.. What are you doing to bring your business to a new level of performance and success? Let's hear some of your ideas! (L-R Press, Reider, Riccardi)

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