July 21, 2009

Who was this sailor?? Model release could have helped!

This iconic image was taken by photographer great Alfred Eisenstaedt in Times Square on VJ Day, August 15, 1945. Numbers of people claim to be the sailor and nurse (???) in the image. Since Eisenstaedt did not identify the people-even if it were required, how could that have been possible given the frenzy of this news event!! The controversy over who's who in the photo continues even today more than 60 years later!!

Recently, I was in Rhode Island, and I read in the newspaper that the city of Bristol's Fourth of July parade included two dignitaries--- the "original" sailor in the photo and the "nurse" he grabbed in his enthusiasm (who really was a dental hygienist). The former sailor's now-wife can be seen in the original photo over his right shoulder smiling. Not a day to fuss over one's fiance passionately kissing an unknown woman, I guess!

There's plenty to read about this image and the people who claim to be the actual kissers Eisenstaedt photographed on that
day of celebration and frenzy.

Reminds us that a model release (in our everyday photographic lives) is really important.

Bottom line--always have your model release forms ready and nearby. You can download a version on the PPANJ web site!

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