July 16, 2009

Newark Art Museum Show Includes Photography..

Board member Kathy Harris suggests a visit to the Newark Art Museum to see Unbounded: New Art for a New Century which showcases art created over the past fifteen years by forty artists from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. All are recent acquisitions from the Museum’s collection and many will been on view for the first time. The Museum’s definition of “contemporary art” is broad and inclusive, encompassing painting, sculpture, ceramics, fashion, jewelry, textiles, photography and new media.
(Photo on left from a 2008 show called Snapshots)

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flintfotos said...

Hi everyone, it seems the North blog has taken a turn to include current exhibits of fine art! what a great way to broaden our horizations- This is a very big world out there and weddings is just one part of it! Good for us!!